The Asclepeion of the island of Kos

Jose F

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 This is an attempt to rebuilt in VR the archaeological site of the Asklepeion of Kos. ancient hospital, dedicated to the god of health, Asklepios. It was built in 357 BC.

You´ ll find information in english and spanish. Encontrarás información en ingles y español.

All the buildings are visitable inside and I´ve tried to recreated them according to the real physical space. 

Not far from the city of Kos, in Greece, is the Asclepeion, an ancient hospital, dedicated to the god of health, Asklepios.

It was built in 357 BC. Recent excavations in the area in order to find and restore the old Asclepeion started in 1902. Now Asclepeion is partly restored.

It is said that Hippocratic medicine, as practiced in the Asclepeion of the island of Kos, using psychosomatic means of treatment in a green natural environment was effective for many diseases at that time but also inspired modern medicine.

Start your journey from the main greek gate. You´ll find information about the greek mythology on the left corridor, and about the site on the left side.

Pictures from archaeological findings and plans drawn by the specialists. Just go around and click on the interrogation buttons close to the pictures and a text window will pop up.

The first terrace was surrounded on three sides by porticoes. On the fourth side was a retaining wall of massive proportions, part of which survives. Near the middle of the wall are a fountain and the staircase leading to the middle terrace.

On the right of the middle terrace is the oldest temple in the sanctuary on the right.  In front of the temple, to the left, is the great altar, similar to that at Pergamon; it is in the form of an inverted U, with a central staircase. To the left of the altar is a Roman templet. In the wall at the end of the terrace is a monumental staircase.
The upper terrace occupies the great Temple of Asklepios. Three sides of the terrace are lined with porticoes. 


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