Meditation Centre 2

Jose F

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This world is dedicated to meditation and well-being! It´s bilingual, some parts are in english and some in spanish, some in both.

You´ll find different themes inside the spheres. In some of them you´ll have to push a button to start the audio clip.

To begin with, you arrive in the main central garden where you´ll find indications to each of the spaces:
- Chakra´s circuit: Try the chakras circuit for balancing yourself, you´ll go trough a series of spheres, each one dedicated to a different chakra with its color and mantra. There is some information in each one of them, so you can identify the one most suitable to you and spend more time there.
- Meditación de la luz violeta: A 4:55 min guided meditation in spanish
- Hydrotherapy sphere: enjoy the cleansing power of water in this big bath
- Grounding sphere: calming music in a simple garden
- Mindfulness meditation: a 8:38 min guided meditation in spanish
- Violet Flame: a 1:22 min guided meditation in english

Please enjoy this space being respectful of others doing the same. 


What kind of activities are available? How can you use this world?



What kind of amenities are available? How can you use this world?

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This world is compatable with the following hardware

Oculus Quest
Oculus Rift Headset
Windows 2D Mode