Flower Building (Day Time)

Jose F

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 This beautiful shiny flower you see in the middle of the lake is actually a spacious crystal building. You can meet with your friends of use the space for events.
This is the daylight version of two. Find out the nocturnal version too.

You arrive on a platform on you space ship and face a lake surrounded by rocky mountains.
A translucent corridor leads to the middle of the lake where you see a beautiful shiny flower.

By approaching this flowers you´ll find out it´s a huge building and the petals are crystal  structures making up this beautiful jewel.
You can explores the circular garden around it or the main building.

On the middle of the room there is a fountain in cascading down from the ceiling passing by two pounds. 

You can go up and down through the violet ramps and visit the floors, on the back of each you´ll find an outside terrace to enjoy the view. 


What kind of activities are available? How can you use this world?

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This world is compatable with the following hardware

Oculus Quest
Oculus Rift Headset
Windows 2D Mode
Mac Friendly